Comprehensive training series


Welcome to our comprehensive training series designed exclusively for U.S. prosthetists and orthotists. This video series is dedicated to the Ethnocare Overlay, an innovative solution for managing volumetric variations of residual limbs, ensuring a perfect fit and enhanced comfort for amputees.

  • Details

    We dive deep into the capabilities of the Overlay, a breakthrough device that incorporates air expansion technology inspired by sportswear innovations. This session is essential for all prosthetic professionals seeking to enhance their skills in addressing common socket fit issues and improving patient outcomes.


    • Intro : 00:00

    • Story : 00:57

    • Problems : 2:30

    • Current solutions : 3:44

    • Design process : 4:49

    • Overlay Description : 6:14

    • Added values users : 7:23

    • Testimonials : 10:20

    • Added values CPO : 16:04

    • Testimonials CPO : 16:44

    • Measurements & Sizing : 18:02

    • Instruction for use : 19:36

    • Contraindications & Cautions : 21:42

    • Maintenance, Warranty & Lifespan : 23:18

    • Reimbursement : 24:19

    • Ideal first try candidate : 25:57

    • Where it's available ? : 27:04

    • Key takeaways : 27:32

    • Contact us : 29:35

    Key Features Explored

    Air Expansion System: Learn how the Overlay's integrated air pump allows for micro-adjustments to accommodate daily changes in limb volume, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit throughout the day.

    Fabric Technology: Discover the benefits of the Overlay's stretchy, breathable fabric sleeve, designed to be worn over the liner, providing ease of use and unmatched comfort.

    Compatibility and Versatility: See how the Overlay works seamlessly with most liners and sockets, including distal fixation and vacuum suspension systems, without requiring any changes to existing prosthetic setups.

    Training Objectives:

Understanding the Overlay: Grasp the fundamental design and functionality of the Overlay and its components.
Hands-On Demonstrations: Watch detailed demonstrations on fitting, adjusting, and maintaining the Overlay.
Troubleshooting Common Issues: Learn to identify and resolve typical challenges faced by patients using the Overlay.
Case Studies and Testimonials: Hear from fellow professionals and patients on how the Overlay has made a difference in their practice and lives.

    This video is intended for professional training purposes. Viewers are advised to consult the Ethnocare user manual and training guidelines for comprehensive instructions and safety information.

    Contact Us:
For further assistance, please reach out to our support team on Ethnocare's official website contact section.