Redefine people’s Mobility

By using the Overlay, my patients no longer have to carry several “spacer socks” with them. They benefit from the most optimal volume adjustment, whatever the time of day.

Jean-François Brissette CPO

Human centered  Design Approach

Human centered

Design Approach


Founders (3)

  • Marc-Antoine Malouin-Lizotte Co-Founder
  • Vincent Breton Co-Founder
  • Louis-Philippe Garneau Co-Founder
Values (3)





Empathy is defined as understanding the feelings and emotions of others. For Ethnocare, it is an aptitude that allows us to understand the daily life of users and their realities and thus create coherent proposals that meet their needs.



We want to challenge the status quo. For the company, being audacious implies a willingness to question the existing despite the risks and to propose new approaches.



Perseverance means
"to continue to do what one has resolved to do, through a renewed act of will." It refers to patients' resilience regarding their condition and the team's willingness to innovate to meet the challenges that will come their way.